Wednesday, July 18, 2012


A dear friend invited us over to pick apricots off her tree. We collected 5 gallons on monday evening and another 5 gallons with the W children on Wednesday!
They are delicious! My babies eat them like candy. I just may need to make this a tradition! Now to look up "fruit leather" recipes!
The over producing tree. *aka: the victim*
5 gallon bucket of apricots!
My fantastic family.

Our dear friend "M" has a wonderful back yard!
Randy is the best daddy ever!
Washing the Apricots
Separated into ripe, not so ripe and squishy.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Sister time

Liam and Keira drawing on the back porch.


My cutie loves boxes. It didn't matter if it was our recycling. He emptied the recycling and claimed the box as his--simple solution, right?

Play time

While tyler was at golf lessons we played at a local school's playground. We had the entire playground to ourselves.

Free Chic-fil-a

Liam's Game

Liam has been playing a new game with his food. He obviously thoroughly enjoys putting food on his head. Last night was spaghetti.