Friday, February 14, 2014


As a child my parents would load us up in our big blue van and we would gather with Uncles, Aunts and cousins at my Grandfather's 17 acre property tucked away in the sleepy little lake town of Syracuse, IN. Gramp Art had a blue 3-wheeler and a 4-wheeler (see picture below). He would hook a little red wagon onto the bag and taxi us around his property. Making drops here and there so all 13 of his grandchildren could enjoy their ride in the wagon.
Dad now owns the little red 4-wheeler, hooks up a little dump cart and carts my children around his neighborhood. I am tickled to see the tradition continued.

60s and Snow

A friend and her boys came out to play during our first snow. It ended up being 60 degrees. The children built 3 or 4 snowmen and a snow bear! Good times :)

Burning Off Energy

Burning off some energy last fall...2013.

Bettie the Mule

Kiki has been taking riding lessons over the winter. This is her choice of "horse" ... Bettie the Mule. She's a doll!

Mattie the Horse

Meet Mattie. She's part of our family and 110% loved!

Keira and Her Aunties

We (my sisters and I) try to take Keira out on a girls night every now and then. Love this picture!

The second picture is a glob of wasabi...


Another oldie...but worth posting. Tyler drew Link from Zelda!

Bday party

We were invited to Ms bday party. Tyler had a blast playing catchup with the girlies--P and C. It was good for my heart to see my 2nd family as well! Fabulous peoole.


We had a grand ol' time sledding at mom and dad's house a few weeks back. Videos to come!

Family date night

Randy took us out to eat the other night. We had a fabulous time. Liam even got creative with his french fries making an airplane.

Mommy Time

Liam and I made a quick stop at the Falcon library only to find out they were having a storytime and craft! We took advantage of the craft while waiting for Papa to meet up with us. Dad snapped a cute picture on our way out the door. Good times!