Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gym, Jewlry and Wedding

It has been a crazy week. I'm not sure where July and August have gone? This past week my cousin, Joanna, married her best friend. Yeah for Joanna and James! She found herself a keeper. :) It had to be one of the prettiest weddings I've attended. Keira and Tyler even played a part--flower girl and ring bearer. They had a blast and looked so sharp!
Randy has started making jewlry. He has a serious gift! Check out his work on Etsy under people "DeepRootsCO".  He has a promo code out there to get 25% off too! He even made me a wedding band that I've fallen in love with bc of it's lightness and super cool look.
This week has found me back at the gym. Boy oh boy am I out of it! I really want to run a marathon next summer, so I need to get into gear. Thinking about starting w/ the 5K at Garden of the Gods for Breast Cancer. We'll see. I feel completely week and am mentally discouraged because of how far I have fallen behind in fitness. Blah!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Recycled Band Aid

Poor Liam had his 2 month old shots yesterday. He was not a happy camper. The nurse went as far to say, " Wow, I haven't had one get this angry for quite a while!" His screaming got so bad later in the day, that I had to call my mom at work and ask her to rush to the store, buy some infant Advil and infant Tylenol and bring it home. After 3 hours of screaming his head off and a dose of Advil the crying finally eased. He ate a total of 4 times yesterday and slept the rest of the time away. *sigh* I hate vaccinations!

On another note, let me explain the title of this blog entry. Liam had his vaccinations and they put 3 band aids on his little chubby legs. They just happened to be "Captain America" band aids. Tyler went crazy over them.
He asked me first thing this morning, "Mama, when Liam's done using his band aid can I wear it?"
Of course, I just laughed and told him that the sticky side wouldn't work anymore and that he probably wouldn't want them because they had baby blood on them. Oh, the things children say!