Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Review

This was our first year to keep Christmas strictly a "Culver Christmas". Minus our short venture to pick up a movie at a local redbox, it was just Randy, the kids and myself. I have to was a lovely day! We woke up to find a note from Santa and some pretty excited children. Randy and I watched as the children opened all of their gifts and then we had our own little gift exchange. He suprised me with a NookColor which I aboslutely LOVE. I've already started to download books that I've been wanting to read--several are classics so they are found for free on Google. In addition I received some super warm boots and a snuggley, an antique ring and a few other items. Shortly after opening gifts, baby #3 decided that it was time I took a nap that lasted over 4 hours! Randy was amazing (as always) letting me get the much needed rest while he played with his new tools in the garage. The children were entertained with all of their new toys and video games. (I'm not sure where they got their love of gaming, but I figured as long as they are educational games, they can play as long as they
The day was wrapped up with a Mexican cassarole and the movie "Salt" which I highly recommend! Great action fick.
I do hope Christmas was grand for everyone! Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Update on Potato Hutch

Some of you may remember my cute cute $3 find at a yard sale this past year. I finally broke down and posted it on Craig's list for $15 and it SOLD! Woo Hoo!

A Little Miracle Baby

One of my friend's wife went into pre-mature labor at 26 weeks. Their little cutie pie of a boy, Liam, was born healthy and is now getting use to his new life outside of his mama. It's so scarey to think of having a baby at 26 weeks! He was smaller than a barbie doll when his was born, but has a strong will to survive. I can only imagine what "mama and daddy" are going through. Their entire experience brings flash backs of Tyler's time in the hospital. While Baby Liam is doing well he still has a ways to go before he can go home. Please keep him in your prayers! The family just started this blog to keep everyone updated.

Friday, December 17, 2010


Yes, I know, you agree. 100%  I am absolutely horrible at this blogging thing. The only reason I'm blogging right now is because potatoes take FOREVER to cook (yes, I diced them so they cook faster). I'm experimenting with potatoes, onions, peppers, and some eggs...we'll see how it turns out.
On another note, baby #3 is on it's way. I'm 17 weeks and doing really well. This pregnancy is SO much easier on me than my previous two. God has worked wonders on my body this time around! We do not know what we are having and I believe we are going to wait until the little "corn muffin" is born to find out. It's so exciting!
Well, do excuse me, my potatoes are smelling pretty good and I have a feeling they are needing a good stir. Take care.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Up to My Neck

So I'm up to my neck in projects. A few completed here and there, but nothing extravegant. I completed 3 jewlery frames using door knobs, fabric and empty frames. They turned out quite lovely, but besides that I'm still busting my butt trying to finish my mom's cabinets in her kitchen! They are turning out quite well, but are tougher than I originally thought. They've been stained and then painted 2 times prior to myself, so it's a LOT of sanding to ensure smoothness. I can't wait until the finished project, they are going to be fabulous!
The family has a nasty cold travelling from person to person. It started with Tyler (who is STILL coughing), has moved to myself and is now starting to infect my poor husbands lungs. Hopefully it will vanish altogether soon.
Camping this weekend with the neighbors should be a blast! We are going to my favorite place in Colorado--Telluride and Ouray. Randy is diligently working on his truck to make sure it's in tip-top-shape and can endure the 4x4 trails. I believe we are going to attempt Yankee Boy Basin and maybe Imogene. The views will be delightful!
Sorry for the short and  picture-less update. I do hope to start updating more often than not. Take care and God bless.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

way too long

It has been way too long...I know. And I'm sorry.
I've been watching 3 adorable little kiddos since last March and my creative time has been reduced drastically! This weekend I did get a few things done, that I've been wanting to complete.
1. My Roman blinds now have a liner hiding the back side of them--so my husband has stopped complaining about their "ghetto" look.
2. I went yardsaling and found some AWESOME deals. An old mirror=$1, a butcher top rolling island=$7, a sweet chalk board=.25, pillows for my couch=$1, and some sweet crates that I'm using as book shelves!
3. I've started refurbishing my parents cabinets! Yes, the dark ugly cabinets are going to a nice white glaze. Mom and Dad have been so wonderful to Randy and I this spring and I wanted to give back to them, so this is my next HUGE project that I'm taking on.
4. I'm on the hunt for some "French" inspired fabric....white and dark brown or white and black theme. Until I find the fabric, I don't want to work anymore on my new favorate chair. Yes, it's pink for now, but not for long!
There are SO many other things going on, but they are not quite finished/started. Depending on how you look at it.
Keira is now 6 years old, crazy about Mickey Mouse, and in first grade! My little girl is REALLY growing up quickly. My 5th project will probably be her room. I may change it one of these fall weekends to Mickey Mouse as a suprise for her.
Tyler is attending preschool 4 times a week for free. Sometimes, I love our government! He's receiving 3 therapies through the Child Find program. This also gives me one day a week of alone time for about 3 hours!
Besides that, I'm looking into P90X. I just finished the Insanity work out and need something new to grab my attention and keep my body in shape.
I hope this quick update finds everyone well. God bless!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Potato Cabinet/Mini Island

My mom found a small potato cabinet at a yard sale for $3.00. It was pretty rough when we brought it home, but I took on the challenge! After I cleaned it up, sanded it down, repainted and touched up the brass colored hardward with my good ol' hammered spray paint, it turned out rather nice...don't you think?
(Sorry I didn't post an original picture, it's MIA.)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Deepest Apologies

I do need to apologize that I have not been updating my site. With the summer days we are enjoying the outdoors. :) I'm sure you understand. The name of my blog is "inspired by nature" after all!
We went camping at Eleven Mile Canyon State Park 2 weekends ago for the first time. It was a blast! The children had so much fun and Randy and I were able to get away for a couple of hours for a long beautiful hike.
This last weekend we stayed home and spent time with family and friends. Sunday was a hit with our neighbor's, Rachel and Jason, coming over with their 4 children for some good food, good company, and a good movie. We attempted fireworks, but were rained out during the last few minutes. The kids had fun and that's all that counts!
I was updating my blog during nap times, but have started a new work out program called "Insanity". It's the most intense program I have ever tried. I'm loving every bit of it. This week will be my 3rd week! I'm pumped to look ripped for our trip back to Indiana!
I do hope this blog finds you in good company and having a great summer! Remember to enjoy the sun while you can, fall and winter will be here before we know it!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Flower Pot

My husband wanted to kill me! He couldn't believe I snatched this trashy looking flower pot away from our neighbor's trash the other morning! Now mind you, I did not dig through their trash. It was sitting on the side walk waiting for the trash man to wisk it away to the landfill where it would sit for years to come. I like to think of it as re-vamping and re-using. I'm simply being the hippy I am and saving the earth. Plus these light weight flower pots go for $10 at your local DIY store....easily.

 My husband purchased some "hammerred" style spray paint from his work (Lowes--I know I'm one lucky gal) to redo our padio furniture. Well, he bought too much and I found it. My theory? Finder's keepers...
I quickly snatched it up and sprayed a few coats onto my new treasure! See the steps below.

My treasure! Found on the sidewalk...all alone. I gave it a new look and a new home. (below)

The first coat....(Below)

The finished product (below)....I believe I ended up putting another coat on after this one, just to be safe. Doesn't look too shappy now does it? The flower pot can now be seen at my mom's house on her new padio they are constructing! As soon as she plants some flowers in it, I'll snap a shot and post it for you.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kabob + Noodles = Yumminess

A couple weekends ago my family grilled out. We made Jamacan Kabobs! YUM. We had some left over and I decided to throw them in a sauce pan with 1/2 c of whole milk, 1 ts of corn starch, and a couple slices of white American cheese. Don't forget to season with salt and pepper to taste. I poured the Kabob mix over some whole wheat noodles and ended up with a great leftover dinner! My husband even gobbled it up and he doesn't like to try new things. :)

Step One: Mixing everything together.

Step Two: Cook your pasta!

Step Three: Pour everything on top and Enjoy!

Plant Holder

This was an old rusted plant holder that was here when we bought the house 5 years ago. I couldn't bare to throw it in the trash. When we were putting up a shed I decided it was time to take it down and paint over it with the "hammered spray paint" my husband bought months ago. Didn't turn out too badly did it?  :)

Refurb of Stool

Okay Ladies and Gentlemen....Refurb #4! This started as a simple stool from a yard sale ($3.00)! Good ol' country blue. I painted it white ($0 I had it on hand) and the fabric was a yard sale special (one stuffed bag was .50).

Same steps as the previous posts.
Measure, cut, staple. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Chair #2 Refurbished

Okay! Let's get started on our second chair. Tools you will need are as follows:
1. Seat to chair
2. Flat head screwdriver
3. Heavy Duty Stapler
4. Hammer (for those stubborn staples that won't go all the way in)
5. Fabric
6. Pliers (for the stubborn staples/nails that will not come out)
7. Scissors (not pictured)

Start by removing the old fabric. Use your flat head screwdriver. Wedge it under the staples and wiggle the staple out. If you have nails that you need to remove you will want to use the pliers for this step.

After the fabric is completely removed place it on your fabric and cut to shape. You want to use the fabric as a pattern.
I personally start with the top and bottom of the chair. Make sure your lines or pattern on the fabric are straight before stapling!

You can fold under for a "hemmed" look or staple as is. I like a cleaner look so I fold the fabric under once for a nice clean look.

When you get to the corners pull the fabric taunt (not too tight or the seat will look funny later). Fold over so the edges are smooth and do not show on the front. Treat it like a Christmas present. Staple the first fold then the next. Continue until all of the folds are smooth and overlapping. Then continue to your next corner.

I like to do the corners first and then the sides of the chair.

Here is the finished look! I completed this while cooking dinner last night. It is a simple and easy task. Enjoy!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Love this Site

I wanted to share this site. She's SO crafty!
I didn't see a "follow button" on her site yet, so until then....

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Discounted Gift Cards!

Check this out! A fellow blogger posted this on her site (  I was blown away by the 50% off sale, but in addition you get another 80% off when you type in the promo code "FLASH".
You can purchase $100 of gift cards for only $8. I also noticed that the website is a BBB approved site.
Make sure you hurry and check it out the gift cards are going quickly. Unfortunately I didn't see any restaurants that Randy would eat at that weren't already "sold out" in the Springs area. Enjoy! Hope some of you can get into your fav. restaurants. :)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Constant Changes

This week has been full of Changes. All good! Tyler had his dental work completed today. Today was the first time he didn't throw a fit around doctors! He was cool and collected. After he woke up he was a bit grumpy but who wouldn't be after being "knocked out"?

Below his the "before" photo. He was one happy little boy!

The second change that stands out is the antique chair I refurbished. Do you remember it? It used to be white! I thought the black looked a LOT better. :)

I hope this blog finds you well and your life full of positive changes! Take care and as always email me if you have questions. :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Guest Bathroom (Stage 2)

Here is the finished project! This all started with Randy knocking out the single door to the laundry room and putting in double doors. This really opens up the ability to move around in the laundry room!
Then he knocked out the closet! We would LOVE to build a bench (a third of this one perhaps?) in this area, but don't have the mula to do that right now. Of course I'm always keeping an eye out for a great deal! Aren't we all?  We decided that this would be a great area to put the kids' growth charts!

Now for the bathroom!
We left off with the walls primed and nothing in the bathroom.

 Randy then went out and bought an extension for the pipe coming out of the ground and a new wax ring. He also bought a toilet that has super suction power for when the children add a bit too much TP--if you know what I mean. :) He installed the extension to the pipe in the floor then started his tiling work.
I'll walk you through the rest as I show you the pictures.

Below on the left: he painted and then textured the walls. The darker colors pull out after rubbing the wall with a flat surface! Notice the oak cabinet is now painted along with it's brass accessory!
Right Photo: Our new tile, toilet, sink and a few wall accessories.

Below Left Photo: A closer look at the wall accessories! 50% off at Hobby Lobby. I love that place.
Below Right Photo: My new mirror, sink/vanity, and door knob (used as a towel holder)

Below Photo: One of the pictures, taken by Randy. I framed for him two Christmas' ago.

Below Photos:  A closer look at my awesome door knob/towel holder

Below Left: My tiled floor designed and installed by my wonderful man.
Below Right: Light fixture installed installed by Randy. Notice the crown molding he put in!

If you want more details on how to DIY, just shoot me an email or leave a comment for me! I'd be happy to send you directions. Also! We don't have much money, by far! Randy works at Lowe's and found the sink, toilet, tile and supplies, paint, mirror and lighting fixture all at Lowe's on clearance! That plus his addition 10% we completed this bathroom for a reasonable amount of dough. Hope you enjoyed this post, Happy Day!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Guest Bathroom (Stage 1)

Since we've moved into our house, my husband, Randy, has attacked several rooms. He has incredible taste and talent! This blog will be about our 1/2 bath located on our garage level. (We live in a tri-level house). When we walked into the house through our garage it felt very claustrophobic and overly crowded. There was a laminate floor that was scuffed and pretty rough looking. Our laundry room (to the right) had a small door making it difficult to maneuver. To the left there was a small closet and a 1/2 bath.
For this posting I'm going to show you pictures of the bathroom and closet remodel. Enjoy!

When we first moved in I agreed that Randy could do whatever he wanted with the downstairs 1/2 bath. He chose a Nascar/Old License Plate theme!  Well we out grew that theme and he wanted to change it up one last time. Just wait until you see what he did!

Randy started by removing the Banjo counter top and base cabinet. The huge mirror we took down carefully and sold on Craigslist for $10!
Then he recruited our daughter Keira! Of course she jumped all over the opportunity to destroy anything her daddy pointed toward. Up comes the laminate flooring!

Look at that cute plumber crack!!!!

After tearing up the floor, he took out the toilet (remeber to shut off water!) and plugged the hole with a sock. The last thing we wanted was a stink throughout the house! Then he started with priming the walls. Make sure to go all the way up to the ceiling!  

Brown Sugar Scrub

What do you do with an empty glass jar and some brown sugar? Make a scrub of course!
The twin girls I watch made a brown sugar scrub for their Mama's birthday. I just forgot to post the recipe so all can enjoy!

Brown Sugar Scrub

1/2 c. brown sugar
2 Tbls. oil (coconut oil is great, I used olive oil instead)
1 Tbls vanilla

Mix all the above ingredients and place in jar. I wrapped a pretty ribbon around the jar so it looked more like a present.
Use like any other scrub.