Wednesday, September 1, 2010

way too long

It has been way too long...I know. And I'm sorry.
I've been watching 3 adorable little kiddos since last March and my creative time has been reduced drastically! This weekend I did get a few things done, that I've been wanting to complete.
1. My Roman blinds now have a liner hiding the back side of them--so my husband has stopped complaining about their "ghetto" look.
2. I went yardsaling and found some AWESOME deals. An old mirror=$1, a butcher top rolling island=$7, a sweet chalk board=.25, pillows for my couch=$1, and some sweet crates that I'm using as book shelves!
3. I've started refurbishing my parents cabinets! Yes, the dark ugly cabinets are going to a nice white glaze. Mom and Dad have been so wonderful to Randy and I this spring and I wanted to give back to them, so this is my next HUGE project that I'm taking on.
4. I'm on the hunt for some "French" inspired fabric....white and dark brown or white and black theme. Until I find the fabric, I don't want to work anymore on my new favorate chair. Yes, it's pink for now, but not for long!
There are SO many other things going on, but they are not quite finished/started. Depending on how you look at it.
Keira is now 6 years old, crazy about Mickey Mouse, and in first grade! My little girl is REALLY growing up quickly. My 5th project will probably be her room. I may change it one of these fall weekends to Mickey Mouse as a suprise for her.
Tyler is attending preschool 4 times a week for free. Sometimes, I love our government! He's receiving 3 therapies through the Child Find program. This also gives me one day a week of alone time for about 3 hours!
Besides that, I'm looking into P90X. I just finished the Insanity work out and need something new to grab my attention and keep my body in shape.
I hope this quick update finds everyone well. God bless!

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