Thursday, June 30, 2011

Liam Alexander's Birth Story

5/16 I had a routine follow up with my midwife Jana who said that she wouldn't be surprised if we met "Baby Culver" this week. Yeah! I was two cm dilated and not really effaced, but since Keira and Tyler both came early, this baby would probably do the same!

5/19 "Ouch....that hurt a little. Ouch another one...maybe it's time? It's probably just a few Braxon Hicks", I thought to myself.
I was on my way to grocery store to grab a few groceries when my belly started cramping. I decided on take out from Chic-fil-a (one of our favorites) and to kick my feet up at home. I wasn't feeling so hot anyways. It has been a long day of watching five children. Running around after Mr. Miles (2 yrs) had exhausted me and I was ready to kick up my feet. On the way home from ordering our dinner, I noticed a that the contractions were coming every 5 mins and lasting about a minute each. I called Randy and decided that after a shower, if they were still coming, I would call him and we would head to the hospital. Two minutes in the shower and they completely stopped.

5/21 "Hmmm....that feels like a contraction...I wonder? Na, it's probably just Braxon Hicks again. Why worry Randy when they are just going to be a false alarm again? Plus, he's taking me to dinner tonight! Woo hoo! Alone time!"
I was at my mom's house this time working as an admin.. The other two children were playing in the back toy room while I was quietly creating my mom's address book in Microsoft Outlook. I didn't say anything to Mom because I didn't want her to get excited and start making a big deal. Instead, I breathed quietly and waited for Randy to pick me up for our hot date.
Sitting at Black Eye Pea (yum yum!) the contractions started getting stronger and stronger with a sharp stabbing pain. We walked to the car, pausing a couple of times, and headed home. At home, I jumped in the shower before heading to the hospital. The contractions stopped. (Boo!)

5/23 Randy was ready to meet Baby Culver, so he gathered the family to go on a walk down Cottenwood Creek Trail. Walking helps right? When we got home I had a few contractions here and there....then they got stronger. "Randy, it may be time....", I hopefully share with my husband.
"Are you sure? Let me get a few things together and use the bathroom and if they are still going on, we'll go...", he says.
"Sounds good", I replied.
"Hmmm..maybe this could be it? I think I'll take a shower"
I turn on the shower and suddenly hear Randy dashing up the stairs and yelling, "What do you think you are doing?!?!"
"Taking a shower!"--Me
"Are you crazy?"--Randy
"What do you mean? I'm gross and don't want to go to the hospital nasty."--Me
"Every time you take a shower, the contractions stop. Do you want to meet this baby or not?"--Randy
"Yes, I do! But if they are real contractions then they won't stop and we can still go to the hospital..."--Me
"Don't do it, Chris." -- Randy
"I'm taking a shower Randy" --Me
Guess what people! Yup. They STOPPED!

5/24 I tossed and turned the entire night. There was no way that I could watch 5 children. I'm not one to "call out" of work, but I could barely keep my eyes opened and I just felt "blah". After much discussion with my husband about how horrible I felt for thinking about "calling out", I broke down and called.  It came down to the fact that I was exhausted, felt ill and the safety of the children were a concern of mine--I didn't think I could move fast enough to keep up with all five children.

The day passed by and besides feeling tired not much happened. When Randy returned from work, he told me to take a shower and then we were going to go to the mall to walk. (It was a little chilly outside to hit the Cottenwood Creek Trail again). I took a long shower and climbed into the car. We had a nice walk and dinner then headed home for the night. Still no contractions. I decided to continue working on my mom's address book and filing system. Around 10 pm, I noticed a few contractions, pretty mild and decided to go to bed, the entire time trying to decide if I was going to "call off" again the next day. At 11 I woke up to a sharp pain, which quickly subsided, and went back to sleep.

5/25 It was a dark and stormy night.....somewhere in the Midwest. It was 70 degrees and clear in Colorado Springs, at least, that's how I remember it.


 "Ouch! Argh, am I ever going to sleep? That hurt." Rolling over, "Ah, man! I have to pee! Maybe I can just hold it."

12:45 a.m.

 "Dang it. Nope, can't hold it. OUCH! That's not helping my bladder any...." Waddling as quickly as I can to the bathroom now...."Ouch, that really hurts...Maybe if I lay down for a minute I'll feel better."

12:50 a.m.

 "Hmm...I can't remember how long and how close until we are suppose to go to the hospital. Oh well..."

1:15 a.m.

 "What is my midwife's phone number? I'll call and talk to the triage nurse."mins apart. "Hmm...answering service...oh wait they give a number...remember the number...remember the number..." Dialing the number...."OUCH! Ah great another answering service..." Hanging up.

1:30 a.m.

 "Well maybe I should wake...oh yeah, OUCH, definitely waking Randy!"
"Can you call the nurse and ask her the time for contractions please?"
"Are you having contractions?"
"What's the number?"
"You'll have to call the midwife's office, there's a message that gives the triage nurses number and then call that number..."
"What? Okay.....There's no answer. Are you sure it's time?"
By now, I'm pacing and pausing for the contractions.
"Yeah, it's time, call Kim!"
Randy jumps up and gets into gear. He calls Kim who says she'll be there in 20 mins. Then he calls Mom who says she's on her way to our house. Randy runs down the stairs and starts throwing everything into the car. I take my time down the stairs, stopping two times to breath.

1:45 a.m.

 I finally make it to the car. Leaning against the car I see a mini van speed down Covington and stop in front of the house. I vaguely remember my dad jumping out of the car and asking if I need help into the car. I decline and say, "just get inside so we can leave...ppplllleeeeaaasseee". He runs inside and Randy is out the door. We are on our way.

1:46 a.m.

Randy calls Mom, who says she'll meet us at the hospital.

1:47 a.m.

 Randy calls Stephanie.
"Randy!" --Me
"What?" --Randy
"My water broke!"
"What?!?! Are you sure?"
"Yes! Please hurry!"--Me
"Steph, I have to go."--Randy


We pass two cops. Both praying that they don't turn around!

1:50 ish.

Hospital. Thank goodness!
Randy asks if I want him to grab a wheel chair, I decline. Walking helps move things along right? So he parks by the ER entrance and we walk. No one greets us, except for a security guard who comes around the corner and asks if I want a wheel chair. Randy informs him that I want to walk as I double over in a contraction. The guard quickly jumps into action. He runs ahead of us "prepping" every elevator and door before we reach it. He informs the triage nurse that I am in labor and need to check-in.
How did he manage to find her so easily and we couldn't reach her when we needed her earlier? Stupid answering service.
"Oh no! Randy I left my driver's license in the car..."--Me
"Where? I'll send Stephanie to get it..." --Randy
Stephanie? When did she get here?
"Ma'am....Ma'am...I need you to sign here. We will worry about your ID later. Did you pre-admit?"--Nurse
Yes. Yes I...oouuuccchhhh...
"Yeah, she did that a couple weeks ago..." --Randy

2:00 a.m.

The next few minutes flew by. I managed to change into a gown and climb into bed. When they checked me out they found that I was 7 cm and fully effaced. I was whisked to a birthing room immediately.
"Ma'am, I need you to put your arms in...I'm not a very good driver and tend to run into walls. I don't want your arms to get hurt while we are moving you."
Arms....down....ouch.....gotcha. Where are we going? Birthing room? Ouch....This is starting to get unbearable.....ouch....

"Ma'am, we need to move you to a different bed."
What's wrong w/ this bed? Seriously, I have to move? "Okay, give me one....second....Okay. Now! Let's move, I can move..." Ouch!

Randy was amazing standing next to me and holding my hand. Mom was helping with the breathing. Nurses were running everywhere...One nurse checked me again....
"10 9...Did someone call the mid-wife? Is there another Dr available?"--Nurse

"Oh no! I have to poop!"--Me Obviously, I did not have to use the bathroom, it was the baby. He was coming, coming quickly and wanted me to push!

"Do NOT push! We need to wait for the doctor." said the Frantic Nurse while holding my baby's head "in".
"DO NOT PUSH!" --Mom and Randy
This baby is coming and it's not stopping for anyone!
"They are delivery nurses! THEY can deliver my baby. I'm okay with it....really!" -- Me
"DO NOT PUSH" --Frantic Nurses (Yes plural), Randy and Mom 

As I was looking into Randy's face, all I could think was "Kegel, Kegel, Kegel, hold it, hold it, hold it..."  His eyes were HUGE...and he was saying "don't push, don't push, breath, don't push"

2:32 a.m.

I just couldn't hold it any longer. I relaxed for half a second and felt a warmth start to slip from my body. I sat up just in time to see "my baby, my beautiful baby" slide onto the table. "Ma ma's hear!" The doctor walked into the room right around that time. The nurse picked up my baby boy and placed him in my arms. I was able to rub him down and cuddle him immediately for about 10 minutes. Baby Liam Alexander Culver was in my arms and was absolutely perfect in every way.

Breast Feeding

I came across a story today where a mother was harassed for breast feeding her child in public! What has our society come to? I can understand if the mom was walking around topless, but in this case, I'm completely disgusted. You may read the full story here.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Weeks of Stress

I do apologize for not updating my blog in such a long time. We have had one thing after the next come up. First, Baby Liam Alexander was born on May 25th--by all means we are completely blessed and ecstatic to have such a wonderful little addition to our family.
June 6th my mom #2, Randy's mom Kathy, graced us with her presence! It was an amazing visit that I hope we can repeat several times in the future. :)
June 12th, the three toddlers I watch for a dear friend returned. They were sorely missed and it is nice to have them back in my arms. Liam is adjusting well to not being held all day long and having lots of attention and lovings!
June 14th, my nana Von Fange was found on the bathroom floor of her apartment, unable to move.
June 16th, mom #2 headed back out to Indiana--sniff sniff. I really wish his side of the family lived closer.
June 17th, my Nana Von Fange suffered a massive stroke and was hospitalized.
June 18th, my husband decided to tear a bicep tendon, possible surgery and loss of 40% arm strength--sigh.
June 21st at 9:45 am Mountain Time, Nana Von Fange is dancing with Gramp Art Von Fange and Jesus in heaven. This is a bitter sweet time for our family. Nana was a strong figure in our family and will be sorely missed. However, it is what she has wanted for finally meet Jesus and be back in Gramp Art's arms. The toughest part? Not being able to pick up the phone and hear her voice anymore.
June 24th, Randy will be getting an MRI to verify the severity of the tear in his arm. Praying that worker's comp will make sure he is back to 100% arm strength instead of trying to avoid surgery just to save a penny or two.
June 30th---family will start to fly in for Nana's memorial.
July 2nd--12-4ish--weep-fest and a celebration of life for Nana. Man I'm going to miss her!