Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or treat!

We were invited by Becky and Hans to join them and their three children trick or treating in a new neighborhood this Halloween. I must say it was the best time trick or treating we have ever had! Such a lovely area-beautiful scenery, great company and wonderful weather!
Below are a few group shots. More stories to come hopefully tomorrow.

*Keira is Mario, Tyler is Batman, Chloe is Dorthy, Paige is a ghost princess and Miles is Superman!

Friday, October 28, 2011

What a good daddy...

Randy took Liam for me so I could get ready for bed. It was the quietest he had been all day. Liam that is...not Randy.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Maestro--our first child

Today at 11:01 am, Maestro accepted a permanent position in heaven as Jesus' guard dog. He went peacefully while in Randy's and my arms. We gave him much praise and love during his last few moments with us. And thanked him repetitively for his love, friendship and loyalty. He will be dearly missed but we are reassured that he will be catching frisbees thrown by gramp art, lake swimming with nana and sleeping on a fluffy cloud pillow at the feet of Jesus--all during his "off hours" of guarding the pearly gates.
All our love to you Bud-Dog.

Randy and I were just talking about this day. We were moving out to Colorado and Maestro saw a really mean looking guy walking toward me. He started barking and growling at the guy. Shocked not only me (bc Maestro had never barked like that before) but also the big scarey guy coming toward me!

Our first night in Colorado as a  family.
Say Cheese!

Maestro and his obsession with frisbees.

Maestro looking after Keira as a baby.

Somehow Keira managed to grab the ball before Maestro

What a good Bud-dog looking after Kiki.

GO Colts!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tyler Turned 5!

When I asked Tyler what kind of birthday he wanted he was quick to say, "Batman!". That made it fairly easy for me to plan his party. The only problem? He wanted it to be at a park. If you live in Colorado you know that you have a 90% chance that the weather will change in the blink of an eye!

The year Tyler was born there was a blizzard! Two years later, same thing. And here is my blizzard baby wanting to have a birthday party at a park. :) Reluctantly, I sent out invites to his classmates and scheduled his birthday party 2 weeks in advance for a "super hero dress up and free play at a park party".
Boy were we lucky! We were blessed with a BEAUTIFUL day. Ten kids made an appearance--only 2 families RSVP'd. It was a great day.  See the pictures below.

Time for Cake!

Notice the wind? Try blowing out that candle Tyler!

Keira and Paige enjoying their Batman cake.

We've been working on "smaller" bites.


He had a blast!

The adults mingled. Baby Liam LOVES his Auntie Jo!

Our Ms. Iron'woman' showing off her costume.

Later at home, Liam told us about his day.

I really need to teach him that it's not polite to flip people off.
P, M & C making a "waterfall".

Beautiful Stephie

Look at my new toy Trystan!

That bag was as big as him!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Playing at moms

The children are having a good time on this brisk fall morning!

Liam is exhausted after a walk, Paige an Tyler are playing in the sand and Miles is on a mission to dig his way to China!
It's a great morning!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Baby fun

Liam loves to move and play and suck his fingers and sleep...what an exhausting day!

My Dad The Blogger

Check it out! My Dad is learning to blog for his Haiti trip!


My dad is an amazing guy. I'm not just saying that because I'm his daughter. I'm saying it because it's the truth. He has a servants heart and continuously gives of himself. Ask anyone who knows him. They will agree.
Daddy recently had an opportunity cross his desk to take a "job" in Haiti operating heavy equipment and demolishing uninhabitable buildings. They then separate the metal and concrete to "make" roads to towns who have been isolated from civilization due to the horrible earthquakes. He jumped on the opportunity. God showed him a need and Daddy jumped. I love it. I love the entire story of why and how he has chosen to leave us for 3 months to work for pennies in a plague and war infested country.
There is a possibility that he would be leaving for a total of 15 months. If Salvation Purse likes Daddy and the work he does, they will more than likely offer him an additional 12 month contract, which Daddy would probably accept. I'm going to miss him, but I'm proud of him and respect his decision to give back to others, so I support and praise his efforts.

I love you Daddy and I pray that your trip is safe and rewarding. I pray that you will leave your footprints on roads less travelled. I pray that you will impress others with your humor, generosity and love while you visit this sad depressing country. I pray that you will find simplicity and love in the eyes of the nation and they will welcome you with open arms. Have a fantastic trip!