Thursday, October 27, 2011

Maestro--our first child

Today at 11:01 am, Maestro accepted a permanent position in heaven as Jesus' guard dog. He went peacefully while in Randy's and my arms. We gave him much praise and love during his last few moments with us. And thanked him repetitively for his love, friendship and loyalty. He will be dearly missed but we are reassured that he will be catching frisbees thrown by gramp art, lake swimming with nana and sleeping on a fluffy cloud pillow at the feet of Jesus--all during his "off hours" of guarding the pearly gates.
All our love to you Bud-Dog.

Randy and I were just talking about this day. We were moving out to Colorado and Maestro saw a really mean looking guy walking toward me. He started barking and growling at the guy. Shocked not only me (bc Maestro had never barked like that before) but also the big scarey guy coming toward me!

Our first night in Colorado as a  family.
Say Cheese!

Maestro and his obsession with frisbees.

Maestro looking after Keira as a baby.

Somehow Keira managed to grab the ball before Maestro

What a good Bud-dog looking after Kiki.

GO Colts!

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