Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Building a John Deere Costume

What does Liam want to be for Halloween? Well a John Deere Tractor of course! 

I used a plate and bowl for the circle same of my big tires. Prior to cutting the tires out, I took an envelop and traced tire tread on the outside of the larger circle. 

I painted the yellow circles then covered them with the same bowl I used to trace them. Once covered I spray painted the black part of the tires. Included in this spray painting adventure was a paper towel dowel...

Everything else was hand painted with acrylics. I didn't like how the cardboard took to the green spray paint.
With left over cardboard I cut out lights, go slow triangle and a license plate. 

The wheels were attached with washers, bolts and nuts so they could spin. 

Don't forget the grill on the front and the paper towel dowel! 

I would say it was a HUGE success. We used suspenders attached to the block flaps to hold it up. 

Paleo oatmeal

Cozy Paleo Oatmeal

This ended up being much better than I expected...:) It was extremely filling and I had quite a bit left over for the next morning. 

1 can coconut milk full fat
1/2 c coconut milk or water
1/4 c coconut flour
2 tbsp nut/seed of your choice: almonds, cashew, sunflower seeds... (opt)
I used 2 tbsp of cashews and 2 Tbsp almonds

1 tbsp shredded coconut
1 apple chopped
1 banana smashed
Dusting of cinnamon (opt)
Maple syrup/agave for drizzling (opt)

Simmer the coconut milk (s) (or water), once hot add your coconut flour and any nuts you may want in your oatmeal. Let simmer until thickened, then toss in the rest of your toppings. The maple syrup gives it a cozy fall flavor.