Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Building a John Deere Costume

What does Liam want to be for Halloween? Well a John Deere Tractor of course! 

I used a plate and bowl for the circle same of my big tires. Prior to cutting the tires out, I took an envelop and traced tire tread on the outside of the larger circle. 

I painted the yellow circles then covered them with the same bowl I used to trace them. Once covered I spray painted the black part of the tires. Included in this spray painting adventure was a paper towel dowel...

Everything else was hand painted with acrylics. I didn't like how the cardboard took to the green spray paint.
With left over cardboard I cut out lights, go slow triangle and a license plate. 

The wheels were attached with washers, bolts and nuts so they could spin. 

Don't forget the grill on the front and the paper towel dowel! 

I would say it was a HUGE success. We used suspenders attached to the block flaps to hold it up. 

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