Thursday, April 26, 2012

Teaching 911

While my children were at school, I read or teach a simple topic. Yesterday was 911 and what to do. I have a cute little book.

Chloe and I were role-playing (memories from Best Buy just flashed through my head!) about the "gun" page.
Chloe dialed 911 on the fake phone pad.
Me: "911, state your emergency"
C: "Someone has a gun! Hi! I'm Chloe"
Me: "Hi Chloe. Where are you?"
C: "Ms. Christina's house!"
Me: "Chloe did you run away from the gun to a safe place?"
C: In a somewhat confused tone.."well, I'm really not in the book..."

I love these kids!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Daddy and Liam

My Dad with Liam tonight. :)

Tyler's School Photos

I rarely buy school photos because they are so expensive! However, this time around they were extremely adorable. My little boy looks like a little man all grown up and handsome!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Eggs

Today I took the children to my mom's house for an Easter egg hunt. They had a blast!

The girls ran every which way picking up eggs left behind by the bunny. M followed in their wake picking up the ones that they over-looked. Tyler went his own direction until he realized that every time M made a turn in haste that he lost half of his eggs from his basket!

Tyler quickly picked up the eggs M dropped putting one in his own basket and the 2nd back into M's basket. Don't fret-Ms. C thought ahead!

We came inside and dumped all of the eggs in one big basket and divided the candy equally. They gobbled up two pieces of candy--a jelly bean an a peep--then packed the rest away in their individual baggies for a much later treat (have fun B and H!).

Now they are resting until we venture back home to complete our art and craft gift for Mom and Dad!

Perhaps an Easter story about Jesus a little later.

Sleepy Dino

Each day the children have a "mandatory quiet time" --this is for my AND their own sanity. LOL

I have just enough rooms for everyone to have their own bed. Each may take a quiet toy and books. If they sleep--hooray! If not, it's okay, they had some-much needed-alone time.

Little Ms. C got to sleep in my bed--it's her week/turn. She took three books and two toys to bed (a dino and elephant). During my routine check-in, I saw her reading her books to her friends. However, it wasn't until much much later (when I went to bed for the night) that I realized what she was doing.

Reading her dino friend to sleep.

A Spider Dance Party

Little Ms. P caught me off guard today with her cuteness. She was bent down very close to the ground watching a scene unfold before her eyes.
"Hey Ms. Christina! Look at all the spiders! They are having a dance party!"

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Keira is extremely dramatic. I absolutely love listening to her tell this story over and over. Note I was not video tape her while driving, it was set up, focused and recording while resting on my arm rest. I'm just lucky it did a decent job.