Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Eggs

Today I took the children to my mom's house for an Easter egg hunt. They had a blast!

The girls ran every which way picking up eggs left behind by the bunny. M followed in their wake picking up the ones that they over-looked. Tyler went his own direction until he realized that every time M made a turn in haste that he lost half of his eggs from his basket!

Tyler quickly picked up the eggs M dropped putting one in his own basket and the 2nd back into M's basket. Don't fret-Ms. C thought ahead!

We came inside and dumped all of the eggs in one big basket and divided the candy equally. They gobbled up two pieces of candy--a jelly bean an a peep--then packed the rest away in their individual baggies for a much later treat (have fun B and H!).

Now they are resting until we venture back home to complete our art and craft gift for Mom and Dad!

Perhaps an Easter story about Jesus a little later.

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  1. Oh goodness, I love it. I can totally see the scene of M and Ty in my head.