Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tyler Turned 5!

When I asked Tyler what kind of birthday he wanted he was quick to say, "Batman!". That made it fairly easy for me to plan his party. The only problem? He wanted it to be at a park. If you live in Colorado you know that you have a 90% chance that the weather will change in the blink of an eye!

The year Tyler was born there was a blizzard! Two years later, same thing. And here is my blizzard baby wanting to have a birthday party at a park. :) Reluctantly, I sent out invites to his classmates and scheduled his birthday party 2 weeks in advance for a "super hero dress up and free play at a park party".
Boy were we lucky! We were blessed with a BEAUTIFUL day. Ten kids made an appearance--only 2 families RSVP'd. It was a great day.  See the pictures below.

Time for Cake!

Notice the wind? Try blowing out that candle Tyler!

Keira and Paige enjoying their Batman cake.

We've been working on "smaller" bites.


He had a blast!

The adults mingled. Baby Liam LOVES his Auntie Jo!

Our Ms. Iron'woman' showing off her costume.

Later at home, Liam told us about his day.

I really need to teach him that it's not polite to flip people off.
P, M & C making a "waterfall".

Beautiful Stephie

Look at my new toy Trystan!

That bag was as big as him!

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