Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Up to My Neck

So I'm up to my neck in projects. A few completed here and there, but nothing extravegant. I completed 3 jewlery frames using door knobs, fabric and empty frames. They turned out quite lovely, but besides that I'm still busting my butt trying to finish my mom's cabinets in her kitchen! They are turning out quite well, but are tougher than I originally thought. They've been stained and then painted 2 times prior to myself, so it's a LOT of sanding to ensure smoothness. I can't wait until the finished project, they are going to be fabulous!
The family has a nasty cold travelling from person to person. It started with Tyler (who is STILL coughing), has moved to myself and is now starting to infect my poor husbands lungs. Hopefully it will vanish altogether soon.
Camping this weekend with the neighbors should be a blast! We are going to my favorite place in Colorado--Telluride and Ouray. Randy is diligently working on his truck to make sure it's in tip-top-shape and can endure the 4x4 trails. I believe we are going to attempt Yankee Boy Basin and maybe Imogene. The views will be delightful!
Sorry for the short and  picture-less update. I do hope to start updating more often than not. Take care and God bless.

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