Friday, December 17, 2010


Yes, I know, you agree. 100%  I am absolutely horrible at this blogging thing. The only reason I'm blogging right now is because potatoes take FOREVER to cook (yes, I diced them so they cook faster). I'm experimenting with potatoes, onions, peppers, and some eggs...we'll see how it turns out.
On another note, baby #3 is on it's way. I'm 17 weeks and doing really well. This pregnancy is SO much easier on me than my previous two. God has worked wonders on my body this time around! We do not know what we are having and I believe we are going to wait until the little "corn muffin" is born to find out. It's so exciting!
Well, do excuse me, my potatoes are smelling pretty good and I have a feeling they are needing a good stir. Take care.

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