Monday, May 24, 2010

Guest Bathroom (Stage 1)

Since we've moved into our house, my husband, Randy, has attacked several rooms. He has incredible taste and talent! This blog will be about our 1/2 bath located on our garage level. (We live in a tri-level house). When we walked into the house through our garage it felt very claustrophobic and overly crowded. There was a laminate floor that was scuffed and pretty rough looking. Our laundry room (to the right) had a small door making it difficult to maneuver. To the left there was a small closet and a 1/2 bath.
For this posting I'm going to show you pictures of the bathroom and closet remodel. Enjoy!

When we first moved in I agreed that Randy could do whatever he wanted with the downstairs 1/2 bath. He chose a Nascar/Old License Plate theme!  Well we out grew that theme and he wanted to change it up one last time. Just wait until you see what he did!

Randy started by removing the Banjo counter top and base cabinet. The huge mirror we took down carefully and sold on Craigslist for $10!
Then he recruited our daughter Keira! Of course she jumped all over the opportunity to destroy anything her daddy pointed toward. Up comes the laminate flooring!

Look at that cute plumber crack!!!!

After tearing up the floor, he took out the toilet (remeber to shut off water!) and plugged the hole with a sock. The last thing we wanted was a stink throughout the house! Then he started with priming the walls. Make sure to go all the way up to the ceiling!  

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