Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Guest Bathroom (Stage 2)

Here is the finished project! This all started with Randy knocking out the single door to the laundry room and putting in double doors. This really opens up the ability to move around in the laundry room!
Then he knocked out the closet! We would LOVE to build a bench (a third of this one perhaps?) in this area, but don't have the mula to do that right now. Of course I'm always keeping an eye out for a great deal! Aren't we all?  We decided that this would be a great area to put the kids' growth charts!

Now for the bathroom!
We left off with the walls primed and nothing in the bathroom.

 Randy then went out and bought an extension for the pipe coming out of the ground and a new wax ring. He also bought a toilet that has super suction power for when the children add a bit too much TP--if you know what I mean. :) He installed the extension to the pipe in the floor then started his tiling work.
I'll walk you through the rest as I show you the pictures.

Below on the left: he painted and then textured the walls. The darker colors pull out after rubbing the wall with a flat surface! Notice the oak cabinet is now painted along with it's brass accessory!
Right Photo: Our new tile, toilet, sink and a few wall accessories.

Below Left Photo: A closer look at the wall accessories! 50% off at Hobby Lobby. I love that place.
Below Right Photo: My new mirror, sink/vanity, and door knob (used as a towel holder)

Below Photo: One of the pictures, taken by Randy. I framed for him two Christmas' ago.

Below Photos:  A closer look at my awesome door knob/towel holder

Below Left: My tiled floor designed and installed by my wonderful man.
Below Right: Light fixture installed installed by Randy. Notice the crown molding he put in!

If you want more details on how to DIY, just shoot me an email or leave a comment for me! I'd be happy to send you directions. Also! We don't have much money, by far! Randy works at Lowe's and found the sink, toilet, tile and supplies, paint, mirror and lighting fixture all at Lowe's on clearance! That plus his addition 10% we completed this bathroom for a reasonable amount of dough. Hope you enjoyed this post, Happy Day!

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