Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mom's Chair--Goodwill Special

My mom is extremely supportive of me staying home! She's my "shopper". She'll go out and find projects for me to work on, then, after I'm done we'll sell it for a profit!
I received a picture of this chair via text message the other day. Yup, Goodwill! The chair was $8, the pillow case $1.60, and everything else I had on hand.

Step One: Remove the cushion. If you flip the chair over, there are usually 4 screws (plus or minus) that attach the seat to the frame. Unscrew and remove cushion.
Step 2: See what you are getting yourself into! Take a picture of how the fabric is attached. Then start removing it from the base. This one was stapled to the bottom so I removed the staples and kept the old fabric for possible use on a different project later.

This is the original fabric! Nasty nasty! Went straight into the washer!
I had some Foam Seat Cushions by Morning Glory left over from a previous project. I love this stuff! Easy to cut.
Step 3: Take the base that the cushion was on and use it as a stencil. Trace it directly onto the foam. Cut out the foam and set aside.

Step 4: optional....I added some fabric glue to the base and glued the foam into place. Makes the base/cushion easier to work with when putting on the fabric.
Foam is attached!
This is the fabric my mom picked out from Goodwill! Beautiful isn't it? We just grabbed an old pillow case and ripped out the hem. It was JUST enough fabric and a little left over for a possible purse?
Step 5: prepare your fabric and remove any hems that may be in place.

Step 6: Now that your fabric is ready, lay your base on top of the fabric. I decided to use the back side of the pillow case for the bottom of the base to give the chair a more finished look. So in my case, I sandwiched the wooden base between the two fabrics and started Step 7.
Step 7: Staple the fabric in place. Make sure you fold over the edges so you don't have a sloppy finish like the original chair. This will give it a nice clean look when complete.  Work your way around the edges. Make sure to pull the fabric taunt so there are no bubbles.
When you get to the corners, think of wrapping a gift. I had a little "jog" in the corner so I pulled and formed the fabric to the corner first and then layered over and stapled the fabric in place to give it a smooth finish. 
When you are done it should look something like this. Remember, I chose to "sandwich" the wood base so the bottom had a more finished appearance (left photo). I completed the above steps and then lay the bottom piece on folding over the edges for a "make shift" hem.  The right photo is the top of the cushion. Pretty huh? Good choice mom!
I chose to sand down the frame just a bit to distress the paint. I'm still trying to decide if I want to paint it white or not....I kinda like this gray color it came with... :)
This entire project cost us $9.60! If you enjoyed this post or have anything thoughts on this project, please, leave me a comment! I LOVE them!