Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dirty Little Feet + Mom's Seat = Upset Mama

I by no means call myself a seamstress. In fact I was never taught to use a sewing machine! So please bare with me.

When I faced with this problem...I dug up some scrap fabric, 2 old pillow sheets, some batting and dusted off my sewing machine. Continue to read if you are curious what I ended up making. :) (This post is still incomplete..sorry.)

To start...Measure the width of your seat. Add 2 -3 inches. (I added 2 inches in width and cut my fabric to that width.) The length is your choice. I made mine 34 inches long. Make sure your fabric is ironed. This is some extra fabric I had laying around the house. Yes. Bright red!
I purchased some craft batting to add to the "stiffness" of the fabric. This is completely an optional step. But if you would like to do it. Measure out the batting (or trace like I did). Cut and pin to the "wrong side" of the fabric. Make sure to trip off the extra batting. Then sew.
On the back piece of the seat protecter I attached a pillow case. I figured, "while I'm at it, I might as well make some extra storage for the car." After all a Sx4 is a tiny tiny car!

To attach the pillow sheet. I meaured in by one inch and pinned each side.

The extra fabric from the pillow sheet I collected in two areas and pinned. Sew the pillow sheet onto the bottom part of your "car seat protecter". Should look like this.
Pin back the sheet so it does not get stitched into the side hems. Then procede to stitch up the 2 sides. Leave about 1-2 inches unstitched when you approach the top of the project. This will be your top "hem". I stitched the pillow sheet to the top before hemming around the top of the project. Then I measured one inch in and pinned. Stitching all the way around the top.
After your top is finsihed, make sure you line up the headrest with your holes you will be cutting. I used a grease pencil to mark the location of the holes.

Stitch around your lines. After your lines are stitched around cut a slit in down the center of your "rectangle" you just stitched. This is how you are going to hang the seat protecter to your head rest.

The completed project coming soon!

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