Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gym, Jewlry and Wedding

It has been a crazy week. I'm not sure where July and August have gone? This past week my cousin, Joanna, married her best friend. Yeah for Joanna and James! She found herself a keeper. :) It had to be one of the prettiest weddings I've attended. Keira and Tyler even played a part--flower girl and ring bearer. They had a blast and looked so sharp!
Randy has started making jewlry. He has a serious gift! Check out his work on Etsy under people "DeepRootsCO".  He has a promo code out there to get 25% off too! He even made me a wedding band that I've fallen in love with bc of it's lightness and super cool look.
This week has found me back at the gym. Boy oh boy am I out of it! I really want to run a marathon next summer, so I need to get into gear. Thinking about starting w/ the 5K at Garden of the Gods for Breast Cancer. We'll see. I feel completely week and am mentally discouraged because of how far I have fallen behind in fitness. Blah!

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