Sunday, July 10, 2011

Overwhelmed and Looking for the Finish Line

I am sitting here sipping my coffee and looking outside and I just realized, this is the first time in months that I have been able to sit in silence (except for the baby swing ticking away) and take a deep breath! Too bad it ends in about 5 minutes.

Life has been absolutely chaotic the last 2 months. Not necessarily bad, just chaotic. Liam was welcomed into this world the last of May. We painted and readied the house for my second Mom, Kathy, the first week of June. We entertained Kathy the second and third week of June. The third week of June, I started watching the Watz children again and my Nana had a massive stroke. The fourth week Nana decided she wanted to dance with Jesus and Gramp Art. Randy ruptured his distal bicep tendon and worker's comp decided to be difficult. July came. The first week of July family from California and Indiana flew in for Nana's Memorial--beautiful celebration of life that lasted 4 days! How I miss her voice. Confirmed with an MRI, Randy completely ruptured his distal bicep tendon and needs surgery ASAP.  July 7, Randy has his surgery. Tendon is fixed, but he is in a splint for 10 days (at the least). He has no use of his right hand--yes, he is right handed.

Yes, this 5 minute break is much needed and I regret that it ends soon. I will be plunged back into the craziness shortly, but first a few pictures for my "journal entry" and loyal followers.

Washing the chairs for Mommy. They had a blast! More to come on this project.

My little Rock star, Tyler. He is my precious miracle baby and is always smiling.

Randy's bicep before surgery. Notice the 2 inch gap between his bicep and his elbow? Yeah...that's not normal. It should be connected at the bend in his arm, not spaced.

Watching Sam's video slid show of Nana at her memorial. Great memories and many laughs.

Did I mention that Keira learned to ride her bike during this month? She was one determined little girl! We are very proud of her and her commitment to learn!


  1. I was exhusted just to read all of that! I wish you more 5 mins of peace.. xoxo

  2. Hope things slow down for u soon and your hubby has a quick recovery! Your Tyler is just too cute with that smile! oh and those yogurt pops look going to try that!!

  3. Thank you guys! I can't wait to post his version of everything that went on...he's typing it up on a forum right now and I'm going to "steal" it for the blog. Hopefully I can figure out a way to post his surgery pictures too