Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Few Fabulous Photos

Just adding a few photos of my little family. Life is fabulous and God is so good to us.

Tyler loves hats, puzzles, super heroes and garage sales. He's a little man after my own heart!

Little Liam is determined to get comfy in his swing.

Randy and Randi Keira at a really cool little restaurant, True Grit, in Ridgway, Colorado. The original movie filmed quite a few scenes there. 

Look at me! I'm squirmy!

Keira loved being a flower girl at her Auntie Joanna's wedding.

Tyler was all grins in his little tux walking down the isle as one of the ring bearers.

I can't believe this uploaded sideways, but I love the photo so it's staying. Liam is always holding his hands in front of him. We call him a "little Buddha".

Camping in Ridgway, Colorado. One of my favorite places. Full of special memories for me.

Again. Not sure why this uploaded sideways, but this is an early morning shot down at Memorial Park. We enjoyed the hot air balloon festival and some glazed doughnuts.

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