Thursday, November 10, 2011

Grocery shopping and balloons

Yesterday I needed to "swing by" Sunflower Market to pick up milk and some protein for lunches. What was suppose to be short and quick ended being about 90 minutes of free entertainment and shopping for baking supplies for Fridays baking project! We had a blast!

The making of a chicken!

A RED motorcycle

Meet the pink and black horse known as Melody!--Paige--

Chloe--ooohhh Chloe--She asked for a chicken which she named "Rooster".

There is an egg inside the chicken!
Tyler making Motorcycle noises.
M waited so patiently while the guy made his pumpkin! There's a scarey pumpkin head in the middle of his balloon.
M was all about the veggies and fruits. This is an apple.
Chloe getting her flower painted.
The finished flower. There are sparkles on her face too, but my Iphone didn't capture them.
Waiting at the check out line--right next to the candy. That was fun!

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