Monday, May 16, 2011

May 2011--A Few Memories and Projects

May 6th was my 30th birthday. My husband Randy did an excellent job getting my family together for a yummy BBQ. Being 9 months pregnant I decided to kick my feet up and relax while everyone played softball and cornhole. It was a great time! Interesting side note-->We had our first child the year Randy turned 30. We are having our 3rd and last child the year I turned 30!
Poor Tyler being framed! If he could paint that nicely (let alone write his name) I would have him enrolled in a professional art school! Randy has taken on the challenge of remodelling our "froggie" bathroom. It's well overdue for a paint job and new floor. Hopefully, I can post more pictures down the road as he works on the room.

Randy has been taking Tyler outside to the garage to help work on a few of his projects. This is Tyler's "house" that he built, while Daddy's picnic table sits in the background.

Tyler watching himself dance in the mirror. He LOVES to dance and isn't too shabby at it!
Of course I have to add a photo of Randy's finished picnic table! Isn't it beautiful?! We are going to have some great meals at that table. I can foresee it now!

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  1. you and your family are just way too cute!

    much love