Monday, May 16, 2011

Week 38 and Still Big

We were hoping little corn muffin would make an appearance this last week..even had a few moments we were certain, but the muffin decided to stay right where (s)he is. Nice and comfy in mama's belly. As the time approaches Randy and I are getting antsy to have muffin in our arms. Mentally we haven't been as prepared for this child, because we thought for sure that Tyler would be our last baby. (For those who do not know, Tyler had a list of medical issues that we feared facing with a third child.) Once the decision was made to have a 3rd child though, there was no going back. We were lying in bed the other night and I think the reality of a 3rd infant in the house after 4 years hit us. Now we are thrilled and can't wait until the muffin is born!
The last two weeks have been a little difficult. Thankfully I've been able to take it easy at home and enjoy time alone cuddling with the toddlers I watch and having art time with them. I'm quite surprised that they have been okay with staying at the house and haven't complained even a little bit!
Week 37 and so far this week have been difficult on my body. My ligaments seem to pull and tear in every direction and my hip sockets...ooohhh...the hip sockets ache no matter what position I sit or stand. Sleep has been lacking and almost impossible. Around 3 this morning I finally found a position that was comfortable and had a solid 3 hrs of sleep before I heard shuffling from the other room. Yes, it was time to wake up and get the day started for the school go-ers.
Besides playing the waiting game with our corn muffin, life is good and God supplies. We couldn't be happier. I hope this note finds each of you in a similar stage of happiness and joy. All our love!

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