Monday, May 20, 2013

Paint, paint and more paint

I have been painting for what seems to be one straight month. It seems like a long time, but when you consider the steps we have to take to successfully cover cat pee--it really isn't that horrible. 
First we had to scrape and treat the cat pee, then prime all of the floors, walls, base board, under baseboard, window frames, door jams, anywhere a cat can reach. 
Secondly, you have sanding and washing & more priming. Not to forget the repeats! 
Third, the first coat of trim paint. It takes about 4 coats to cover the molding and door jams really well without making it look like a mess.
In between we had drywall, skim-coating and ceiling repair happening so there was a LOT of dust--> translation, more washing and vacuuming for me and unfortunately more cat-pee discovered. Cat-pee really becomes noticeable when wet. Plus we had a lot of treading happening so I think some of the Zinsser BIN wore off. Sigh--more priming to do. 

Fourth, priming of ceiling--OUCH.
Fifth, painting the ceiling--BIGGER ouch. Talk about a kink in the neck and a great shoulder workout! 
Sixth, ceiling trim--it s easier to paint the wall color up to the ceiling paint than it is to paint the ceiling up to the wall paint--unless you are Spiderman. 
Seventh, review trim...sand, wipe down, paint.
Eighth, prime all of the walls that have had texture completed. Pretty much everything in our case. 
Ninth, argue over paint colors--->we actually didn't argue or disagree...much. We have very similar tastes. Natural colors. 
Tenth...trim out all of the walls 
Eleventh...roll on your paint! 
Twelfth...paint baseboard and touch up all of the door jams.
AND finally---touch up your ceiling paint where the roller decided to be difficult and spread its colorful love...:)

I have yet to complete the final step, but seriously! I am tired.

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