Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Wood floor and kitchen

We are bursting with excitement! We started the wood floor yesterday. After double checking for cat pee, we lay down the roofing felt (aka: underlayment of choice). Wood floor must be able to move. We chose to utilize a 30 lb roofing felt. Its much cheaper and gets the job done just as well as the expensive flooring underlayment.

Mow the floor! It is imperative that the first row is perfectly straight. Being off just a hair can make the entire floor off by an inch when you reach the other side of the room. We measured and snapped a chalk line. After checking measurements one more time, Randy was confident that he was ready to start laying the floor.  

Randy had me lay out the planks according to size. We opened four boxes at a time and made sure to alternate the planks to ensure the lot colors flowed smoothly together. 

Once the kitchen floor was completed Randy started to install the cabinets. These needed to be installed so we could have the counter top people come and draw a template for our countertop. Hopefully, they will be out tomorrow! 

Great job Randy!!!

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