Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Only one more window to install...for now...
Five windows in four days--one more to go! We will still need to replace the big picture windows eventually but for now it's paint time!
I scraped and primed all of the wood window trims AND a bit of the siding that has exposed wood today. I can't believe how much this house has been either neglected or cared for improperly. The caulk was "gunk-ed" on in layers. I don't believe it was ever smoothed out properly. Anyways, just a few photos tonight. I am getting horrible in my photo documenting lately--sorry. 
This window has a ton of weather damage all around it. After my husband got his hands on it, I doubt we will have any more issues. 
From the inside..during down time, I was raking and packing up pine needles for the trash on Thursday. Unfortunately there was way too many pieces of broken glass and trash (I'm assuming when they repossessed the home?) mixed in with the needles to use for compost. I have another 4 acres for that. 

One of the two windows from the boys' room.

A small example of what I dealt with today...

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