Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sun Room Before & After

And so it begins...We completed an immense amount of work and I'm not sure where to start or how to document--bare with me! Let's start with the sun room.  The sun room sits right off of the kitchen and connects to the garage and basement. We are currently using it as a "homework" station/ art room.

What a view! 

That vintage lamp had to go!

Randy shortening the wall. Glad that is gone! It really does make our house feel larger.

This floor took forever to remove. I dreaded coming to work on it every day--blah!

Before priming the floor we had to level out the floor (see bottom right corner). When they originally built the home they did not ensure their floor was leveled. This had to be fixed before install our wood floors.

Finally, all of the floor was removed and Zinser BIN used to cover cat smells. Notice we knocked out a wall? The walkway was small. Now, it's open!

When we removed the electric baseboards quite a bit of the drywall came off with it. To our surprise the framework was rotted from excessive leaking from the windows. We had to tear out the frame and rebuild it and re-caulk all of the windows and siding. Here I was stuffing the insulation back into place. 

Liam was a true sport. He would find a cubby and play with his cars. 

Almost there.

Looking from the kitchen & into the Sun Room. Notice the electric baseboard and vintage low-hanging light are gone. We ran into the light one-too-many times. Plus it was out-dated and yellowed. 

Don't look at the kitchen! That's the next post. :) 

The wall behind the basement door is a perfect location for tracking our children's growth. The wall that we knocked out was still wide enough to sit my rolling-island/work-station. Currently my easel and art supplies sit on the bottom shelves along with a few games. 

I think I may hang my vintage metal signs above the windows...not sure yet.

The views are just breathtaking. We are very grateful that we found our new home.

Didn't Randy do a lovely job on the floor? LOVE! 

So here it is...your before and after photo...:)

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