Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Making a Rustic Sign

I made a sign! Yeah! below is the process...via photos. I need to take the final photo yet. :)

I used 3 pine boards that were scrap in my husbands garage. Before painting them take a quick measurement with them lined up in their "forever position".

I chose 3 acrylic colors and slopped them randomly on the boards.

I then put 2 layers of white acrylic paint over the other colors. While the layers of paint were drying I jumped on Publisher to create my template. Remember the measurements we took down? That is your "custom ttemplate's" size. 
Create your Word art or text boxes and place accordingly on your custom template . Print. Set aside. 

After the paint dried, I drilled 3 holes Iin the sides of the boards. I then connectef the boards to each other with pegs. This kept me from adding depth to the sign. Be sure to use wood glue when placing the pegs in place. 


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