Thursday, March 24, 2011

Daddy's Arm is Gone!

My son's imagination can definitely run wild when he desires.
To set the husband was off for the day and decided to take a nap in our room. After feeding all of the children their lunches, I sent them to the potty and their assigned rooms. (I care for my friend's children and they each get their own bed/room.) Tyler is assigned to my room.He went to his bedroom, grabbed his pillow and a toy and proceeded with the task of going to sleep in "mama's bed".

I was down stairs cleaning up the kitchen before finalizing nap time and heard a blood curdling scream. Of course, this 7.5 month pregnant mama, bolts (if one in their 3rd tri-mester can move that quickly) up the stairs thinking that something horrible has happened to one of my babies! (Yes, I include the children I watch as my 'babies'. They have simply won over my heart!)

Tyler is running down the hallway screaming and crying saying, "His arm! His arm is cut off! His arm!"
All I can think of is, "Whose arm? Paige's? Chloe's? Are the girls okay Tyler?"

And start heading toward the girls rooms. When I crack their doors open, they seem nice, safe and snug in their beds, just with confused looks on their faces.

Tyler keeps screaming, "His arm! Mama, his arm!"

By now, I'm thoroughly confused wondering who "he" is....Miles was downstairs in his bed asleep. (How he managed to sleep through all of this I'm still unsure!)
Then I remembered! My husband, Randy, home for the day and must be in our room. I quickly go into our room to check on my husband only to find him under the covers snoozing away...with only his arm sticking out of the blankets.
I turned to Tyler and said, "Tyler, are you talking about Daddy?"
He screams, completely scared out of his poor little mind, "YES! His arm His arm!"

I tried to pick Tyler up to show him that Daddy is only sleeping, but he jumped out of my arms and about fell down the stairs. By now I was trying desperately not to pee my pants laughing. Poor Tyler with a confused look on his face and tears down his eyes obviously wondering why Mom isn't taping Daddy's arm back in place or calling for help.

After much hugging and holding, I was able to calm him down enough to lead him back into the room and show him that Daddy was only sleeping and his arm was 100% attached to his body. Randy, not much help until now, rolled over assuring Tyler that he's quite okay and that Tyler should snuggle up on Mommy's side to take his nap. Tyler, with his adorable nervous laugh and a big cheezy grin, crawled up on my side of the bed and cuddled with his pillow to take his nap.


  1. Oh my goodness! I'm sorry but that's too funny and I could see where you would have to try not to pee your pants. Glad that he did get to see that daddy still has 2 arms. That's one for the mommy journal!