Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Daddy

For those if you who don't know--my Dad quit his stable job, packed his bags and followed a desire planted by God to serve in Haiti for three months. We miss him dearly.

I got to talk with my Daddy for a few minutes tonight. When I asked if he was enjoying the yoga classes one of the younger mission girls was leading on base, he quickly replied, "Oh! I'm suppose to be there now. I completely forgot!" Well of course, me being an avid lover of yoga who barely gets enough quiet time to appreciate its calming effect, told him to get his butt to the class! Stephanie and Mom quickly agreed. It's an awesome workout, great socializing (no talking required) and a healthy way for Daddy to relax, meditate on God and stretch those achy muscles from his hard work week.
Though I was sad to stop talking, I'm proud of my Dad for stepping out of his comfort zone to socialize and work out unlike anyway he would in the Springs. Good for you Dad! I'm your #1 cheerleader...and your favorite!

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