Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Silly quotes

I'm not a human...I'm a kid!! --Tyler

Me: what starts with the letter 's'?
Miles: SNOW
Paige: SnAkE
Chloe: SUPER BOWL!!!!!!

Paige: "Ms. Cj...I'm thirsty..."
Me: I'm sorry pumpkin, I dont have anything.
Paige: "PUMPKIN! I'm not a pumpkin, I'm a chocolate!"

Chloe: "Miss Chrrrrriiiissssstiiiinnnnaaa! I made two brown things for you!!!"
Me: from the other room..."Thank you Chloe, you may flush them now...:)"

Passing Starbucks
Miles: "Mommy goes there!"
Paige: "Ew! Yucky Starbucks!"

A few more I've collected over the year...

Paige---ms cj ms cj! I have something to show you!
Cj--yes Paige pie what is it?
Paige---(very quietly and excited) it'!!!!
Cj---wow Paige you went poo poo! Yeahhh! Great job darling!

Keira was reading to Randy last night and couldn't figure out a word..."come on brain, HELP ME!". 8/23/2010

"Chloe's the BEST pooper!" --Paige referring to potty training 7/21/2010

"Sometimes my mommy and daddy give me coffee instead of water" --Paige 7/23/2010

Walking through Garden of the Gods with all of the children. A deer is trying to get by us.
"Ally you should get your gun and KILL it!"--Keira 7/23/2010

"Good night Keira, I'm going to shut off the light now..." --Randy
"Good night Daddy, Love you. 'Jesus give me sweet dreams, angels guard around about me...'"--Keira...
Daddy still waiting for her to finish her prayer....
(continue Keira) "'Jesus, please give me dreams about Mickey Mouse, and'...Daddy you don't have to stand there I can do this in the dark!" ...
Randy says.."Oh....okay....then..."
Keira continues after light is off..."'and please keep the spider dreams and bad dreams away....'" 7/26/2010

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