Saturday, February 19, 2011

Baby Update

Four weeks ago we found out that our little corn muffin had a spot on his/her heart. We were a little worried not knowing what to expect, but when we went back this past week the Dr said that the spot was getting lighter and going away. Praise Jesus!
This precious child of ours is our 3rd and has been extremely gentle on me. Keira and Tyler were hardly easy on my body. I was constantly sick and was diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidarum. A serious condition where the mom can not keep down food, looses more weight than gains and needs to be hydrated and monitored closely. Thanks to Jesus and an awesome mid-wife, Jana, I haven't suffered with HG with this baby. I still get sick here and there, but NOTHING like before. I will have to write a journal on that journey alone, but talking about healing--wow!
On another note, I may not be suffering from HG, but I do have the aches and pains of a normal pregnant woman. Ligaments are stretching and joints are loose causing hip pain and a great deal of balancing complications. Yes, this can be quite humorous at times. Lower back pain after sitting or sleeping which requires me to hobble around like an old lady for about 5 mins before it eases up--also humorous, I'm relieved no one is video taping. And the hardest side effect--lack of sleep. This little corn muffin has me up with his/her movement every morning at 3 am sharp. I swear (s)he believes (s)he is a tumbler in the Olympics or part of the Riverdance cast!  The good news? I have a strong and healthy baby that I can not wait to hold in my arms.

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