Sunday, February 20, 2011

Two Really Good Blogs

Since I watch 4 toddlers during the weeks I'm constantly trying to find new projects for them to complete. We are almost done w/ the alphabet. This week will be "X, Y, Z" and I needed to find other topic to "teach". It wasn't too hard to find seeing how I've been using a website called "Totally Tots--Now I Know My ABCs" which links up to the orignal site "Totally Tots". Now mind you, I've been focusing on the children recognizing and writing their ABCs--which they do very well for 3 year olds! I never explored the rest of the Totally Tots webpage, until today! Wow, they have a lot of good projects, including Biblical principles. I feel like I've found a treasure of information and can not wait to start exploring these other sites and lesson plans A.S.A.P. After-all as a parent and a "teacher" it's my job to enusre they are educated and have a solid foundation to build their lives.

The second blog I spied today is "Under the Table and Dreaming". She blogged about natural homemade cleaning products.  Being pregnant and on a budget, I'm estatic to find natural non-toxic cheap cleaning products. Her blog overall is fresh and fun to read with a range of topics: crafts, recipes, home DIY projects, etc...If your lucky you'll win one of her give-a-way prizes!

Until tomorrow...happy living and grab a breath of fresh air ;).

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