Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Counting and Ice Cream

We were sitting around the table the other night talking about our day(s). Randy said he was walking out to the car and heard Tyler just counting away, the little booger! "7....8....9...." Mind you, we've been working on Tyler's counting for years with no luck. It is always..."1.....2.....1!!!! I did it!"
Well, as Randy was telling his story, Tyler commentted, "I do it again!"
Of course we encouraged him and gave him the spot light. I was estatic! My son was finally going to count to 10 for me!
Tyler holds up his fingers and counts..."1...2...3...4...10! I did it!!"
Yeah, to say the least my excitement vanished, but then...
Tyler says, "Now I do it backwards!"
The family replies, "yeah! do it Tyler!"
Tyler..."1....2....3....4....10!!! See I did it!"
Cue laughter and applause. 

On another note a friend of mine posted a blog about single ingredient icecream! Impossible...right? I'm all over it the next time I have some overly riped bananas! Check it out here. Oh and while you're at it, check out all of her other recipes--yummilicious!