Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fitting In

Little Miss Zoe has started to find her place in our home. She loves the children to pieces. Keira is finally earning her respect and Zoe is learning to obey Keira. While its great watching the process it can also be painful. Keira is still learning she has to move quickly, sometimes physically moving Zoe so she doesn't trample in her own "accident" and track it everywhere.
Tyler has learned that if he goes to pet Zoe during nap time that she won't bite--she's usually too tired to play.
Liam has yet to learn that puppy teeth are sharp and that its not nice to pull on the puppy's face. I was sitting close by when I noticed Zoe checking out little man in his bouncer. She gave him kisses, which led to Liam putting his hand in her mouth, which led to more kisses, which led to Liam grabbing on to her face and not letting go! To my surprise Zoe just whined and did bot resort to biting! Talk about shocked! I quickly came to her rescue, freeing her furry cute face from Liam's grasp and immediately praising her! What a good girl! Now she sits at a safe distance gnawing on her bone--her favorite past-time.

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