Sunday, January 22, 2012


A comfort food. A fluffy yumminess. A tradition. It started in 1999. My first experience of a family member's passing. My Gramp Art lost his fight with lung cancer. Dad broke the news to us. Complete and utter heart break wailed from our hearts. Gramp Art was a father figure. Along with Nana the glue to the Von Fange family. And now he was gone. Dad packed us into the car and we found comfort as family, with shared memories and with the fluffy pancakes at the local McDonalds.

Papa Lawrence was next. I had just started to get to know him. I mean really get to know him as an adult. Then we got the phone call. Papa is in the hospital. It's "pneumonia". Somewhere inside me I knew it wasn't pneumonia. Lung cancer had struck again. I made pancakes that morning and explained to Randy..why pancakes.
We had a memorial six months later. On his birthday, a day before mine. On the flight back home, mom realized it was my birthday. Oops. :) no party for me that year, or so I thought. My wonderful husband had not forgotten. Nope he had pancakes ready for me...with a candle and a small gift. I remember breaking down at his thoughtfulness.
June 21, 2011...Nana went home to dance with Jesus and Gramp Art. The second part to the "glue" to our Von Fange Family. By now, we have formed deeper more mature bonds that she helped nurture. After her passing I believe we came closer, if that's possible! After Nana's passing we gathered as family around a table for pancakes. Memories flowed and tears were intermittent but the love was strong.
October 27, 2011, our first baby, Maestro passed away. He may be a dog and seen as a pet by most, but he was our child. Part of our family. He too lost a battle with cancer. He was the first immediate family member that we lost. It has been rough not having him under my feet and ready to go for a walk. Our routine has been affected dramatically every day. We had pancakes as a family.
Exactly six months after Nana's passing I lost my second Grandma. On January 21, Grandma Sandra lost her battle with Parkinson's. Her selfless servant's heart and unconditional love for everyone will forever be in my memory. There are many memories and not enough time to write everything she did for me, let alone everyone she crossed paths. As hard as I try, I cannot remember a single childhood, teenage or adult activity she missed! Grandma was always there. I pray that I can live a life that she would be proud. I made blueberry pancakes on the 22nd for my family. Grandma would have loved them.


  1. I just realized I've never posted on your blog before. Shame on me.

    I love this post commemorating all of our loved ones who are keeping the party going in heaven. Beautiful Chris, touching.