Saturday, January 14, 2012

Taking It Easy

This week has been exhausting: mentally, physically and emotionally. First a house full of sick bugs--colds and a flu, then an opportunity for extra money completing some administrative work and a sickly grandma back in Indiana. All on top of working out at the gym, taking care of the puppy, crib training, normal mommy chores and now a cold for myself and baby Liam (last night was NOT fun). Wow! Its definitely a "take it easy" kind of day. :)

Babes are all fed and cleaned up, dog is running like the road runner, baby is quietly playing with his boat he got from Miss Liz and banana bread is baking away--thanks mom for the old bananas--yeah that was me who took those! Lol

I hope you too can find the time to "just say no" and take an easy day.