Monday, March 11, 2013

Day 2

Day two was filled with lots of excitement. First thing first--hydrogen peroxide is my new best friend. I dumped 1/2 a bottle in the two worse places as soon as I walked in the door. I can't believe how much it neutralized the odor!
The children asked to help right off the bat, so we gave them a hammer and said "GO!" They had a blast! I finished pulling up the carpet tack strips with Keira's help. Randy tackled the kitchen. The W family came for a lunch visit and helped tear down the ceiling in the basement. The babies were so dang cute and wanted to help in anyway possible. We gave them "drywall screw duty" and "stack drywall duty". Then it was time to remove tile in the utility room and from under the wood burning stove.
These was so much going on today...I I edited a few photos and posted them. Perhaps more later...enjoy!

2nd worse spot in the house for cat pee, but if you look close (see next picture) it's a mix of cat-pee and water damage.

See the snow coming in? Front door needs to have some re-sealing done.

Worse place in the house for cat-pee. The bottom part of the wall has GOT to go too.

Removing the carpet tack strips. 

The children wanted to help, so we put them to work in the basement. 

Both of them are sticking out their tongues! Daddy does this AND Grandma Culver.  

This wall has electrical for the stove. 

Move that wall! It's blocking my line of sight. 

Keira wanted to help remove this wall too. She got her hammer stuck on her first hit. 

Gah! Love this handsome man of mine :)

Get it Randy get it!

Good friends and a lunch break, two necessities of life

Oh lovely GE double oven range! 

Where the wall was connected to the ceiling in the kitchen. 

Ripping up the fire place tile.

View of the kitchen without the wall and fire place tile almost up.

In the middle of ripping out the utility room floor and Liam decided that he needed some mama love.

Ceiling is down and almost ready for the furnace

I can't believe he stayed awake until 5 pm!

Getting ready to head out for the day...

The blizzard brought some more snow and more wind which means a much higher drift.

My poor exhausted babies...they had a blast. 

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