Thursday, March 21, 2013

Overcoming Cat-Pee

You've read about my battle with cat pee. Well here are a few detailed pictures. Please note: I always wore gloves. My iPhone is not "work glove friendly". :)

Scraping the crud off of the sub-flooring.
I used a putty knife/scraper that had a sharp point. This allowed me to get into the groves really well. 
I scraped in between the floor stud and sub flooring really well. 

After I dumped tons of hydrogen peroxide and white vinegar, this is what happened. The crud came to the top and I could scrape it away....Have a vacuum handy.

I primed as high as I thought a cat could possibly spray! 
I will later go back and cover all of the floor, but I wanted to make sure I got up and under the drywall and onto the floor studs and in the cracks really well at least one time. 

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