Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Quick Update

Sorry I have not updated for quite a while. Life has taken a toll on this Culver Family. We sold our house in December and moved into the basement with Ma and Pa. We are currently known as the "basement elves" or "basement trolls". It depends which side of the bed we roll out.
After the selling of our house we expected to hunker down and live in the basement for about 18 months before looking for houses. However, Mom sent us a link and we decided to drive out and take a peek. As soon as we pulled up to the house our curiosity was peaked. We called our Realtor who immediately received access to the house. As soon as we walked in the house we knew...just knew...we had to make an offer. We didn't know how we were going to make it happen, but we it was everything we were looking for, stinky carpet, wall paper and all.
We called Tom and immediately placed an offer which was declined. They wanted us to make an offer with a 203k loan (huh?). After researching 203k loans (renovation costs are rolled into your loan) we decided we could deal with the higher costing loan for the house. It was our dream house after all. We quickly put in a 2nd offer only to find out someone else made an offer too! Freddie Mac (house owner) asked both of us to put in our "best offers"--how nerve wracking!!! We wanted this house badly...and didn't want to lose it because of another bidder. We prayed about it and made the same offer minus the closing costs. Two weeks of torture now followed. We had a hard lesson in "just letting God do". And He did just that. We won the bid! We are now 2 months into the loan process and hopefully close on the 7th at 3 pm. We are praying...praying hard that the 203k loan officers approve the loan and the documents are finalized without error. Lesson #2--letting God do....again. :)  We should know more tomorrow...

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