Friday, March 29, 2013

Propane Tank--Check!

The propane tank has been set! The children loved watching him unload everything. He had a large crane on the back of his truck that maneuvered the trencher and tank off of his trailer. We had one problem come up--they cut a couple of lines (phone lines perhaps?). We will face this problem in May when the phone company comes out. Otherwise, everything went smoothly today. I even removed most of the basement carpet! Woot!

Keira and Liam watching him move the tank with the crane.
They wanted a closer look, so we went outside to watch.

Liam decided he didn't have to sit on mama's lap anymore. 
The two cut lines. We should be able to splice them together (thank goodness) but still a bummer. Just one more thing to add to our to do list...

One exhausted little boy!

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