Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Tyler...

....the comedian.

Tyler has been such a riot lately that I decided he deserves his very own post.

This morning I asked him to get dressed in the laundry room. Liam was still sleeping and I didn't want Tyler to wake him.
Let me set the scene, Mom and Dad have nice front loader machines. Front-loaders (for those who don't know) spin very very fast, so fast that they can vibrate the items that sit on top. One of the items on top of the washer is my glass jar filled with homemade laundry soap. It rattles something fierce.
I walk around the corner to check on Tyler's progress--he tends to be easily distracted. He is simply put, in a frenzy.  Shirtless and jumping up and down trying to pull his pants on as quickly as possible, he spots me and yells, "MOM! She's going to BLLLOOOWWWW!!!" and runs out of the room.

Dinner wasn't the hit I was hoping. I made BBQ pulled pork with a gluten-free, dairy-free, MSG-free BBQ sauce with roasted potatoes and carrots. The only problem? I didn't check the "spicy level" before dumping the sauce on the pork. We sat down to dinner and to our mouths' surprise had a fire-engine-red-spicy pork to choke down! Obviously, I didn't make the children eat the pulled-pork. They insisted on trying to eat it, but when dinner was done everyone's plates were still sporting nicely made BBQ pulled-pork sandwiches. I reached to clear Tyler's plate to find the below....I seriously can't make these things up!

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